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Special Services

If a student is experiencing difficulty in academic, emotional, or behavioral areas, he or she may be referred to the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Committee. The Intervention and Referral Services Committee is composed of members of the faculty which can include the school nurse, teachers, specialists, administration, and members of the Child Study Team (Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant / LDT-C, School Psychologist, and Social Worker). The team will meet and develop an Intervention Plan to address and hopefully rectify concerns through quantifiable measures.
The Intervention and Referral Services Committee is a service all school districts are required to provide pursuant to New Jersey Administrative Code 6A: 16-8.1.
The Intervention and Referral Services Committee is designed to:
  • Identify learning, behavior, and health difficulties of pupils.
  • Collect thorough information on the identified learning, behavior, and health difficulties.
  • Develop and implement action plans which provide for appropriate school interventions or referrals to community resources.
  • Provide support and guidance to school staff to properly document and implement interventions.
  • Involve parents or legal guardians with the development and implementation of the action plan.
  • Maintain records of all requests for assistance, intervention and referral services action plans, and related pupil information pursuant to J.J.A.C. 6A:16-8.2(a)9.
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of the action plan, revise the plan if needed and/or determine if referral to the Child Study Team is necessary.  
If the I&RS Committee refers the student to the Child Study Team, the Child Study Team will then conduct evaluations to determine what special services need to be provided.  Special services provided could include small group instruction in the resource room, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling.
Speech / language therapy is a service provided to address the needs of children with communication disabilities, such as impairments in language, speech, voice, or stuttering. Typically, speech / language pathologists (SLP):
  • Screen, identify, assess, and diagnose disorders of language, cognitive / communication disorders, articulation, fluency, voice, and oral-pharyngeal function.
  • Provide speech and language services for the habilitation or prevention of communication disorders, including augmentative and alternative communication systems.
Students may be referred to the speech / language pathologist (SLP) by the Child Study Team as a part of a comprehensive evaluation, or by the child's parent or classroom teacher due to concerns regarding the child's ability to communicate effectively. After the referral is received, the SLP will screen the child to determine if further evaluation is necessary and make recommendations regarding the child's communication skills to the referring teacher and parent. If a complete speech / language evaluation is the recommendation, then the SLP follows the state policy regarding evaluation time lines.
It should be noted that a student with a speech or language impairment does not necessarily have to be manifesting academic problems in order to be considered eligible to receive speech / language services. Effective oral communication is regarded as a skill basic to academic performance.

Students who are experiencing difficulties with reading in the primary grades may be recommended for early intervention / reading recovery. The reading recovery program at LCCS incorporates a strong phonics base using techniques from a variety of programs; it also emphasizes a strong conceptual base which is anchored in language and creating meaning. Whenever possible, the reading recovery program compliments and extends the learning from the thematic units of the classroom. Students in the reading recovery program are encouraged to become risk-takers, meaning-makers, and problem-solvers while on their journey to become competent readers.
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