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Public Bus

If you live more than 2 miles from school, the Department of Education will provide you with bus vouchers for the public bus. It takes 5-7 weeks for the application to be processed, you will be notified when your tickets are available.

The application can be downloaded here: Bus Ticket Application

Please fill out the application and either drop it off at the main office or email it to uboijort@lccsnj.org 

Private Bus

There are still many unknowns concerning how school and bus service will work in the Fall.  In response to this uncertainty, the Bus Committee is making a few changes to enable remote management of the paperwork and payment process.  We have also revised the attached registration forms to provide more clarity concerning bus service refunds and scenarios.

Here are the key points we wanted to share with you in this update:

1. Please review, complete, and send the registration form below.  If you have already completed and mailed the old form, please complete and send the new form as well as it replaces the older version.  

The main change to the registration form is on Page 4 and concerns the refund policy. Before we begin making any payments to the bus company this Fall, we will communicate exactly how the service will work. At that time, you may request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason. Once the school year begins and you start using the bus service, you will be entitled to a partial refund of whatever unpaid balance remains only for certain reasons:

a. LCCS has to initiate remote learning
b. The bus company discontinues services or cannot meet any and all of the city, state, or federal guidelines

The Committee feels this refund policy strikes the right balance between the needs of our rider families and the bus company owners and employees in the context of COVID 19.  Again, any money you send it now will be fully refundable before the school year starts with no questions asked but we can't secure the secure the bus company's commitment without some reasonable guidelines for refunds after the school year starts.

2. The current price of $1,720 per rider is based on getting at least 77 paid riders and the original payment schedule listed below still stands.  Of course, we understand if families are uncomfortable sending funds based on your individual situations during this very difficult time.  As soon as we can confirm the total number of committed riders, we will also confirm whether the price per rider will remain at $1,720.

3.  The Bus Committee is discontinuing the use of a PO Box to collect paperwork and payments to increase safety and efficiency.  Going forward, we ask that you mail your materials to a Bus Committee Member's home.  This will allow us to process paperwork and payments without unnecessary travel to crowded post offices or banks. The new address is provided below and also listed in the updated registration forms.

Thanks for your patience and attention.  We recognize that this is a costly service and we are trying our best to balance your needs with those of the bus company and Bus Committee members to ensure that we can maintain the private bus service.

Feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing the Committee at lccsbusgroup@googlegroups.com.


If you are interested in using the private bus service starting this Fall, please fill out, sign, and mail the forms below with a check payment. (Please email the bus group for address.) As an alternative to paying by check, you may also request an invoice from us to pay using PayPal (there will be a 3% surcharge).     

$1,720 per rider (sorry - there are no sibling discounts) 

Payment Schedule:
1st payment due Friday, June 19 for $600 per rider
2nd payment due Friday, July 10 for $600 per rider
3rd payment due Friday August 28 for $520 per rider
Make all checks payable to:
LCCS Transportation Committee, LLC
If you miss any payment deadlines then you will need to catch up on all payments by the next deadline to secure or maintain your spot for the bus service.

Please look over the routes below as you will need that information to complete the registration forms.  The routes reflect the stops where there was the greatest need for stops.  We're sorry if anyone finds that the current routes don't operate close enough to their homes.  Unfortunately, adding or changing stops to the routes is a complicated proposition and the Bus Committee will only consider making changes for families that send in completed forms and are up to date on their payments.

Regarding COVID 19:

We don't know how transportation like the private bus service will be impacted by LCCS plans or the city, state, and federal guidelines.  We certainly hope to have the same level of service that we've had previously including a late bus for kids who participate in the after-school program (route 303 on the attached form).  That said, the Bus Committee does want to assure all of the families that submit payments that we will not make any payments to the bus company for the 2020-21 school year until we understand how the service will work and allow families the option to receive a full refund.  


Bus Forms 

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