Learning Community Charter School

Learning Community Charter School
About LCCS
At Learning Community Charter School, we encourage each child's innate curiosity, build a solid foundation in all academic disciplines while integrating art and technology, and nurture each child's emotional intelligence.
We realize that intellectual activity cannot be isolated from emotional, social and moral development, and students are taught the values of Community, Independence, Respect, Courage, Leadership and Effort.
Our curriculum is based on the needs and interests of our children. It incorporates a wide range of learning experiences, materials and instructional strategies to accommodate children's differences in experience, maturation and learning style. Our curriculum also follows the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and is based on in-depth projects that combine many skills and subject areas.  Instead of covering many facts superficially, our approach is to "uncover" the subjects we study to show children how much there is to investigate and discover in understanding the world around them.  We provide opportunities for students to question, experiment and solve real-world problems.
Educator Evaluation Information
The following information is required to meet State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Program (SFSF) data as required by the Federal Government.
LCCS Board of Trustees            

The LCCS Board of Trustees is responsible for Policy Development, employment of a Chief School Administrator, Educational Planning & Financial Budgeting.  Refer to Bylaws.

The current Board is comprised of 2 Founding, 6 Parent, 5 Community and 2 Teacher Members.  Meet the LCCS Board of Trustees.


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