Learning Community Charter School

Learning Community Charter School
8th Grade High School Admissions
This is where you can access application due dates, open house dates, portfolio guidelines, and any other items relevant to the high school application process.

High School Registration Information - School contact information, program descriptions, open                                                            house dates, etc. 

High Tech Portfolio Guidelines - How to create a portfolio for High Tech.
Catholic School Admissions Information - Information on the COOP exam and admissions to                                                                  Catholic schools.

McNair and Infinity Admissions Criteria -  How your child will be judged for admission to                                                                      these schools.

NJ Monthly's 2014 High School Rankings - Ranking of NJ's public high schools.

    *High Tech and County Prep are vocational schools
      and thus ranked separately.  Click here to see
      where they rank among NJ vocational high schools.                                                            

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