4th Grade

What's Happening in Fourth Grade Tech?

September - Digital Citizenship

Fourth graders met the Netsmartz Kids who helped them learn how to be safe online. They learned the UYN rules (Use Your Netsmartz).

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1. I will tell a trusted adult if anything makes me feel sad, scared, or confused. 2. I will ask my trusted adult before sharing information like my name, address, and phone number. 3. I won’t meet face-to-face with anyone from the internet. 4. I will always use good netiquette and not be rude or mean online.

Password Protect

Fourth graders learned how to come up with a memorable phrase and how to then create a PW using that phrase. They used first letters of each word and then added a familiar number to that phrase. Familiar numbers included their homeroom number, lunch number or how many students in a class they take.

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October - Introduction to Coding

One of the skills fourth grade needs to start coding on code.org is how to determine the direction Angry Bird needs to go to capture The Pig. We used paper grids to program a block pattern. Students used directional arrows to guide their partner on how to recreate a block pattern. Next students will use block based coding to solve puzzles on code.org.

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