1st Grade

What's Happening in First Grade Tech?

September - Digital Citizenship

Meet our digi friends who help us remember to be safe online.

Purple - use our legs to stand up to bullies. Green - use our arms to balance how much time we spend online. Yellow - use our gut to help us know when something is not right online. Blue- use our head to question what we see online. Orange - use our feet to think about what we are leaving online. Red - use our heart and never say anything mean online.


October - Logging onto Chromebooks/Typing Club

Move from swipe to type!

First grade students now have an lccs email account that they need in order to log onto the chromebooks. We started with a cardboard keyboard and then moved onto the chromebooks. Students learned how to use the shift key to make upper case letters and the @ sign.

After they logged on, students went to Typing Club. They are now starting to use all ten fingers to type!! They know how to use the hand that is closest to the letter and not a single finger for the entire keyboard.

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November/January - Coding

First grade has started to learn block coding. They are moving blocks around to make characters move around a grid. They look at the arrow blocks and then decide which blocks will move their character in the right direction.

Students are working in partners. They are pair programming which is common practice in the real working world. One student is the driver which means they control the mouse and keyboard. The other partner is the navigator who helps the driver make decisions about how to proceed.

January/February- Coding on a robot

First grade will start to code on a robot that they can program to move through a maze. They will use the skills they learned through coding online to program the mouse to the cheese! Students will work in small groups to make the mouse move.

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