Mr. Lee

mike lee

Some Important Information: 

As a book lover, I am excited to see your student grow as a reader this year! Our library
is stocked with all sorts of genres and levels to meet the needs of all students’ interests
and abilities. Students will have a book baggie (large ziplock bag) where they will keep
their books. They will take these back and forth to home and school daily. Generally
students will keep 2-3 books at a time and replace any finished books on Mondays.
Please have students keep the books in the book baggie for safekeeping and so we
don’t lose books throughout the year. Please help ensure they bring them to school
daily as we have reading every day at school!  Students will check out and in their books for record keeping.

I will be sending scholastic forms and catalogs home next week. You can order them online or send in the money for it. Books take up to 3-4 weeks to come in.  I will send you more instructions, but if you use our classroom code, we will receive more FREE books to build up the classroom library. 

All students will have a "Power Binder" that will contain a Homework Folder that they will bring to and from school daily.  It will also contain helpful tools and resources to assist with homework and also for them to practice. 
will have a Homework packet that starts on Monday and will be returned on Friday.
I will 
send home flyers in the folder, so please look out for these. Students will also bring home completed work to be kept at home daily. I would ask that you look in the folder daily
for any school communication and to take out any corrected papers. Please make sure
this comes to and from school daily.  Please bring the Power Binders back and forth to school each day!

Physical Education: 
Please wear SNEAKERS and comfortable clothes. 
We have GYM- Mondays & Thursdays in the morning. 

We are a peanut free classroom.
Please do 
not send your student to school with peanut products for the safety of others in the

Per LCCS’s school policy, toys are not allowed in school or aftercare. If a student
chooses to bring a toy into the classroom, I will ask them to put it away in their
backpack and leave it at home.  We will have some "Display & Discuss" days that will be a show and tell for the kids to share some things from home. 

Our Lunch period is every day is at 1:00pm. Generally we will be eating snack around
10:30/10:45 am each morning. We will be sending information on snack and how families can assist in contributing to our snack community.  All snacks must be peanut-free.  
Snacks will be provided by me this week. 

I encourage you to label all lunch/snack bags.

If you would like to send in a treat to celebrate a birthday, please email me to let me
know what day you would like to send something in. It will need to be something
individually wrapped (no cupcakes). Your child can pass out the treat for their
classmates and we will have a celebration at school.

DISMISSAL- very important
Safety is always a priority in my classroom. When picking up your child at the end of the
day, PLEASE make sure to let me know you are taking your child so I know they are
leaving with their adult. I have students give me an “elbow bump” as they leave to
ensure I know they are leaving with their adult.