Ms. Lebron


Hi there! I'm Ms. Lebron and I love cooking and baking whenever I can! I also enjoy hiking with my husband and spending time with my family. 

I can't wait to meet you! :) 

In 2nd grade at LCCS, we have so many wonderful Science & Social Studies units to look forward to!

From Seed to Plant/From Farm to Market/Market to Family Recipes: September - December

We complete the unit by becoming an expert on a specific fruit or vegetable, and we will have a chance to share our item in a virtual farmer's market! We will also have a multicultural family recipe celebration. We will write a detailed report about our special family recipe, while also learning about each other’s cultures and heritages.

The Three States of Matter: January – February

The culminating project is an art collage depicting our understanding of solids, liquids, and gases.

Weather and Erosion: March - April

We end the unit by participating in design challenges aiming to prevent wind or water from changing the shape of the land.

Habitats: May - June

The culminating project will be determined by the students! Though some of these studies may be taught remotely this year, they will still include all the special hallmarks of 2nd grade: lively class discussions and brainstorming sessions, exploration through rich literature & non-fiction articles, (virtual) field trips, and at home hands-on experiments.