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Portfolio Guidelines

How to Make a Portfolio



High Tech High School requires a portfolio for the admissions process.  A portfolio should showcase the student's strengths, interests, and hobbies.  It should show how well-rounded a student is and how the student is someone beyond academic grades. 


Sample things to include in a portfolio:

  • Accomplishments, such as CIRCLE awards or certificates of participation in special programs.  If you don't have the actual awards or if you have too many, you can make a list of the awards and include a copy of one award.
  • Participation in sports activities. 
  • Participation in arts activities (e.g. pictures of modeling or theater productions).
  • Participation in after-school activities.
  • Participation in volunteer activities.
  • Products of work (e.g. artwork, sketches, writing samples, poetry, etc.).


Some key points to remember:

  • Participation in activities (sports, arts, after-school, etc.) can be showcased through pictures (must include captions) or a brief one-page summary of the activities.
  • It can also include a short paragraph about what the student enjoyed or what the student learned from participating in the activity.
  • Do not include original documents because the portfolios will not be returned.  Copies are perfect.


 There are samples of portfolios available in Mr. Laster's office to view at any time, however they cannot leave the office.

Please remember everyone's portfolio will be different.  Your portfolio reflects you and your strengths.  Be creative.








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