VIP Information

Very Important Procedural Information for Pre K


Absences: Please call (201) 332-0900 #7 by 8:30am to report your child’s absence. If your child is absent 3 or more days a note is required.


Arrival: The Pre K program officially begins at 8:20am.  Parents can accompany their child into the classroom using the entrance on Kensington or the front door entrance that is closest to the park. If you need to drop your child off earlier than 8:10 you have the following options: before school care from 7-7:50 (fee involved) or from 7:50 to 8:10 you can drop your child off in the library. You will sign your child in with the assistant Pre K staff member.


Tardiness: Tardiness disrupts the life of the classroom as well as making it more difficult for your child to transition to the school day. Please be on time.


Dismissal: Dismissal is at 3:00pm from the classroom. This will give you enough time to pick up siblings from the auditorium at 3:15pm.  If there is a change in plans regarding pick up the teacher has to have a note from you. If a note or a phone call is not received by noon your child will be sent home by their usual methods of transportation. If you are having a person that is not on your designated pick up list pick up your child, you must send a note, email, or call.  Please use the front door closest to the Pre-K rooms for pick-up.  Children not picked up at 3:15 will be sent to the office.


Lunch:  Your child may have home or school lunch. If you are ordering school lunch, please staple the order form and check together and place them in an envelope marked with your child’s name and class.


Communication with Teacher:  The best way to reach us is by email, , , We will respond within 24 hours to non-urgent messages. We are also available at 3:00 to quickly touch base with parents. In case of emergency it is best to call the school office.


Communication:  Please check your child’s mailbox (outside of the classroom) every day for important information that may be coming from school.


Birthday Policy:  Birthdays are a very special day in your child’s life and we want to celebrate them but do so in an equitable and manageable way.  If you are planning to send in treats for your child’s birthday please let me know.  We recommend cup cakes, cookies, or munchkins and juice.  Goodie bags are not allowed. If you are planning an outside the school party and the whole class is invited, you may bring in the invitations to be distributed.  If you are inviting only a few children, please send the initiations by mail.


Rest Time:  The children will have a quiet rest time every day.  For those children who do not fall asleep there will be music and stories to help them relax after a busy morning.  Please send in a rectangular crib sheet or twin sheet on Monday (labeled with name) and it will be returned on Friday for washing.


Snacks and Weekly Supplies:  The “snack family” of the week will be responsible for sending in healthy snacks for that week (see approved snack list). Please make sure that the snacks are easy to pass out and share.  Cut up fruit, large bags of healthy snacks and individualized portions are encouraged; the least amount of preparation by the staff is appreciated (no whole watermelons!).  The “snack family” will also be asked to send in utensils that are needed for the week.


Family Photo:  Please send in a photo of your family that we can keep in the classroom.


Change of Clothes:  Please send in a labeled change of clothes (2 sets of underwear) in a labeled gallon zip lock bag.