Pre -K Supply List

Preschool Supply List

Below is a list of supplies your child will need to bring in the first week of school.  There is no need to put your child’s name on the supplies they will be shared by the entire class.

Every student needs to bring:

2- Boxes of tissues

2- containers of Clorox (anti-bacterial) wipes

1-package of flushable wipes

1-box of gallon zip-lock bags with the zipper

1-box of quart sized bags with zipper

2-box of snack sized bags with zipper

1-bag of paper plates (no foam please)

2- bags of plastic spoons

1-box of 3 oz. mini Dixie cups (cardboard ones)

2-large glue sticks .77 oz

2-black and white marble notebooks

1-box of expo dry erase markers (low odor)

1-package of post-it notes size 3x3

2- white short sleeve t-shirts your child’s size

2- sets of rectangle crib sheets or twin sheets (please label with your child’s name)

1-mesh drawstring laundry bag (please label with your child’s name)