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Our Building Study

April 13, 2018

Dear Preschool Families,

 We’re very excited to begin our new study of buildings! When we are outside the children often ask questions about our school building. They want to know the height of the building, what it is made of, and how strong it is. They also ask many questions about the way it looks.

 This study builds upon their natural interest to understand the world around them. Young children are very curious about buildings. They want to know how they are constructed and what people do inside of them. I know the kids are mesmerized by large construction equipment that moves massive piles of earth or hoists a steel beam high in the sky. 

 Buildings are everywhere in our community. Buildings vary in size, color, construction, material, function and location. We are lucky to live across the river from some of the most famous buildings in New York City! We enter and exit buildings every day as we leave or return home, spend time in other people’s homes, go to school and visit businesses. Sometimes we even see a building constructed, repaired or torn down. 

 This study offers many firsthand opportunities to explore buildings. The children will expand their knowledge and understanding of building material and physical force. They will also explore concepts in social studies related to shelter, jobs and the purpose of different structures. 


To get the study started we need your help! We are collecting pictures of buildings. We welcome your pictures from any source, such as newspapers or magazines, postcards, printouts from the internet and it is great to make it personal to your child with your own photos. It would be wonderful if you could include buildings from other parts of the world too! Here is a list of suggestions, but if you have a brilliant idea run with it!

houses                                       churched                       castle                           libraries

huts                                           synagogues                   cottage                         restaurants

shacks                                       mosques                        cabin                            hospitals

hotels/motels                          post office                     bungalows                   factories

inns                                           supermarkets                huts                              skyscrapers

office buildings                       apartments                    shacks                          theaters concert halls 

schools                                     barns                              hotels/motels              museums

stores                                       sheds                              inns                                parking garages

gas stations                             mechanic shop             government building

Also, if you have any building materials that you would like to share for the children to explore that would be great! Please put your name on anything you would like returned at the end of the study.

What you can do at home!

 Study your house or apartment building with your child. What materials were used to build it? How many floors or stories does it have? How many rooms, windows or doors does it have? Don’t forget the basement if you have one! How old is your home? Who built it? What are its dimensions?

 Talk with your child about the buildings that you see together. Keep a list of the buildings that interest your child. Help your child investigate questions similar to the ones we mentioned above.


Thank you for playing an important role in our learning.

 The Preschool Team


 Please let us know if you, or someone you know, have any

connections in the building or construction world!

 WOW! Experiences 

Exploring the Topic: Walk around the outside of the school building

Investigation 1: Walk around our school neighborhood to look at buildings

Investigation 2: Visit from someone who works in the construction field

Investigation 3: Walk around our school neighborhood

Investigation 4: Walk around the inside of our school building

                          In-depth investigation of an interesting feature of the school

 Visit from someone, such as a maintenance worker or handyman

Investigation 5: Visit from a neighbor

                              Site visit to a different neighborhood building

Celebrating Learning: Building celebration- TBA