7th Grade SS

Welcome Back 7th Graders!  
On this page, you will find announcements for 7th grade Social Studies.  

There are six units in this course. The six units consist of the following:

The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Middle Ages, Islam and the Crusades, The Kingdoms of West Africa, China and Japan, and The Renaissance, Enlightenment and Reformation.

I look forward to working with both you and your child throughout this year.  Please contact me via email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Grading Policy:

Homework - 20%
Classwork - 20%
Participation - 20%
Tests - 15%
Quizzes - 10%
Projects - 15%

Email: ilarsen@lccsnj.org

Homework  & Important Dates
(updated weekly)

Week of May 6th:
Test- China/Japan Unit on Tuesday, May 7th
Renaissance and Reformation begins Wednesday, May 8th
NO homework during NJSLA testing 

Week of April 29th:
Samurais vs. Knights 
H.W. -documents A-B due Wednesday May, 1st. 
H.W. - Venn Diagram due Friday, May 3rd. 

Week of April 22nd:


Week of April 15th:

The Influence of Neighboring Countries on Japan
H.W. - Posted on Google Classroom Diary entry due Tuesday, April 30th. 

Week of April 8th:
China's Contact with the Outside World H.W. posted on google classroom due Wednesday, April 10th

Week of April 1st:
Homework on Silk Road due Tuesday, April 2nd. 
Quiz on Silk Road/Political Development and China's New Economy on Friday April 5th. 

Week of March 25th: 
Quiz on China's Geography, Shang Dynasty, and Three Chinese Philosophies on Tuesday, March 26th  

Week of March 18th:
NHD competition Tuesday, March 19th 
Chinese Philosophies -Wednesday, March 20th
Presentations - Friday, March 22nd  

Week of March 11th:
NHD week 

Week of March 4th:
Conferences for NHD 

Week of February 25th:
China and Japan Unit begins 

Week of February 11th:
Presentations for final project on Friday, February 16th

Week of February 4th:
End of West African unit
End of Unit Projects assigned on Friday, February 8th

Week of January 28th:
NHD registration Friday, February 1st

Week of January 21st:
West Africa unit begins

Week of December 3rd: 
Unit 2 test - Tuesday, December 4th.

Week of November 5th:
First trimester ends on Friday, November 9th. 

Guilds Medieval poster - due Tuesday, November 6th
Extra credit- posted on google classroom due Friday, November 9th.

Week of October 29th:
PSA Announcement in-class project - Tuesday, October 30th. 
Guilds Medieval poster presentations Tuesday, November, 6th. 

Week of October 22nd:
- Life in Medieval Towns in-class poster project and presentations: Tuesday, October 23rd

Week of October 15th:
-Google classroom on Roman Catholic Church due Tuesday, October 16th 
-Poem on Roman Catholic Church due Friday, October 19th

Week of October 1st:
-Quiz on Roman and Byzantine Empires on Friday, October 5th

Week of September 24th:
-Fall of Roman Empire google classroom due Wed. 9/27

Week of September 17:
9/18- Christianity Vocabulary 
9/19: Roman Dialogue