6th Grade SS

Welcome to Middle School, 6th Graders!  On this page, you will find  announcements for 6th grade Social Studies.  
This year, we will explore the world, and learn about the great civilizations of the past.  We will begin with a study on Early Humans and Early Civilizations, and move forward onto great civilizations like Egypt, Greece, India and Rome.  Throughout these units, we will learn about the institutions that make up each civilization

The work done in Ancient Civilizations emphasizes the following topics from the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards:

Early Human                           India

Mesopotamia                           Hinduism/Buddhism

Ancient Egypt                          Ancient Greece

Judaism                                   Ancient Rome

Grading Policy:

Homework – 20%                      Classwork – 30%

Participation – 10%          Tests and quizzes – 25%

Projects – 15%

Homework & Important Dates
(updated weekly)

Week of May 13th:
-Athens and Sparta 
-NO homework during NJSLA testing 

Week of May 6th:

-Democracy in Ancient Greece
-NO homework during NJSLA testing 

Week of April 29th:

-Ancient Greece Unit begins 
-Ancient Greece Geography storyboards due Friday, May 3rd.

Week of April 22nd:


Week of April 15th

-Booklet on the Gupta Empire due Monday, April 15th
-Test on Hinduism, Buddhism, The First Unification of India, and the Gupta Empire on Tuesday, April 16th (6-2) and Wednesday, April 17th (6-1, 6-3)

Week of April 8th:

-Ashoka's Website due Monday, April 8th
-New chapter on the Gupta Empire begins Monday, April 8th
-Article: "The Gupta Period in India" due Thursday, April 11th

Week of April 1st:

-Mock Interview with Buddha due Wednesday, April 3rd. 
-Tuesday begins new chapter on The First Unification of India.

Week of March 25th:

-Buddhism chapter begins. 
-Hinduism Quiz on Monday, March 25th

Week of March 18th: 

-Hinduism chapter begins.

Week of March 4th:

- Geography of India 

Week of February 11th:

- Judaism chapter begins

Week of December 3rd:

- Geography and Early Settlement Map due Tuesday, December 4th (6-2), Wednesday, December 5th (6-1, 6-3)

Week of November 19th:

- Four Empires of Mesopotamia Quiz, Tuesday, November 20th (6-2), Wednesday, November 21st (6-1, 6-3)

Week of November 5th:

- End of first trimester: Friday, November 9th.

 - In-class poster on Code of Law (Babylonian Empire) due Tuesday, November 6th (6-2)
Thursday, November 8th (6-1, 6-3)
- Extra credit: posted on google classroom due Friday, November 9th (All 6th grades)

Week of October 29th:

- Characteristic of Civilization diagram - due Tuesday, October 30th (6-2)
Wednesday, October 31st (6-1,6-3)

Week of October 22nd: 

- Ancient Sumer google classroom h.w - due Tuesday, October 23rd (6-2)
- Ancient Sumer google classroom h.w - due Thursday, October 25th (6-3)
- Ancient Sumer google classroom h.w - due Friday, October 26th (6-1)

Week of October 15th:

- Sumerian city-states poster due Friday, October 19th. (6-2)
- Sumerian city-states poster due Monday, October 22nd (6-1, 6-3)

Week of October 1st:

-Paleolithic/Neolithic Comic Book project due Tuesday, October 9th (all 6th grades)

Week of September, 24th 

-H.W - Early Hominids Poster (6-2 due Tues. 9/25) (6-1,6-3 due Wed. 9/26)

-Quiz on Early Hominids on Thurs. 9/27

Week of September, 17th 
-H.W - Early Hominids sections 1/2 due Thurs. 9/18
-H.W - Early Hominids sections 3/4 due Thurs. 9/18 (6-1,6-3); Friday 9/21 (6-2)

-Quiz on Investigating the Past on Thurs. 9/18