Week of March 9th
Monday, March 9th: enVision_G5_11_02_AP.pdf
Tuesday, March 10th: enVision_G5_11_03_AP.pdf

Week of March 2nd
Monday, March 2nd: enVision_G5_08_08_AP.pdf
Tuesday, March 3rd: Topic 8 Study Guide due tomorrow
enVision_NA_G5_08_RT (1).pdf
enVision_NA_G5_08_VR (1).pdf
Wednesday, March 4th: Topic 8 Online Assessment (found in Google Classroom)
Thursday, March 5th: Pick-a-Project Topic 8 due tomorrow

Week of February 24th
Monday, February 24th: enVision_G5_08_04_AP.pdf
Tuesday, February 25th: enVision_G5_08_05_AP.pdf
Wednesday, February 26th: enVision_G5_08_06_AP.pdf
Thursday, February 27th: enVision_G5_08_07_AP.pdf

Over February Break, you must catch up with ALL SplashMath assignments and work on Pearson Realize Assignments. This is your ONLY work for break!

Week of February 10th:
Monday, February 10th: envmath_5_01_PA_P.pdf 
Tuesday, February 11th: enVision_G5_08_01_AP.pdf
Wednesday, February 12th: enVision_G5_08_02_AP.pdf
Thursday, February 13th:envmath_5_08_01_EN.pdf

Week of February 3rd:
Monday, February 3rd: enVision_G5_07_11_AP.pdf

Topic 7 Test: Adding and Subtracting
Fractions and Mixed Numbers
will be on Thursday, February 6th!

Students must complete the Topic 7 Study Guide (below) 
and take the online assessment on Google Classroom as a review before Thursday. 
Study Guide: enVision_NA_G5_07_RT.pdf

There will be no other homework for the remainder of the week.

Week of January 27th:
Monday, January 27th: enVision_G5_07_06_AP.pdf
Tuesday, January 28th: enVision_G5_07_07_AP (1).pdf
Wednesday, January 29th: enVision_G5_07_08_AP (1).pdf
Thursday, January 30th: enVision_G5_07_09_AP.pdf


Due the week of January 13th:
Hungry for Math Assignment hungry-for-math.pdf

Weekly Meal Plan Budget.pdf

Weekly Meal Plan Budget.pdf

Needs_Wants Monthly Budgeting Sheet.docx

Financial Review.docx

Advisory Budget List.docx

Personal Budget.xlsx  or Personal Budget - Sheet1 (2).pdf

Personal Budget Sample.pdf
(This is what your budget should look like. There is one small mistake. Can you figure out what it is? Hint: look at the savings!)