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Looking forward to a great year!


I will constantly emphasize high expectations in our classroom; I want children to strive and work hard to achieve all they can. In addition to these expectations, I will help students learn to become increasingly independent and to think more critically as the year progresses. Students who show independent work habits will be able to act as "teaching assistants" for students in our room and in other classrooms. They will also have opportunities to use special materials, have the privilege of being line leaders, delivering messages to other classrooms, and so on. My goal is for ALL students to become independent learners. I will let parents know immediately if a student is having severe problems with behavior at school. At the same time, I will also let parents know if your child is behaving in an appropriate manner he/she should be rewarded for. 



Homework will be given most days, including weekends.  All students will write down the homework daily.  Parental involvement is crucial. The more involved you are in your child's learning, the greater success he/she will have in school. I ask that you help your child with his/her homework this year. It is my hope that the variety of assignments will help students get into the "homework habit." Homework will be checked for completion and used in order to reinforce concepts and skills learned in the classroom.  It is a great way for me to discern between the concepts your child grasps and those which cause confusion. Homework MUST be turned in on time.  Otherwise, it is a zero.  NO EXCUSES.