Second Grade Special Ed
                            Important Information and Updates

*  If your child is receiving special education reading based on their IEP, they 
    will be picked up daily by me during their scheduled reading time.

*  This month we will be working on reading nonfiction text and conducting research.

*  Homework will be given by your child's classroom teacher and will consist of 
    a daily reading log that needs to be initialed by whichever adult they read their       book with. Please have them read daily, as continuous practice is necessary
    for reading growth.  

*  Learning can also continue at home! Using your home computer, you can log
    on to your Raz-Kids account (teacher username aszecsi) to read or listen to
    reading, log in to username: lccs and password:  
    books to read books online and practice comprehension, you can go to to play reading games online, and you can visit to  
get more information from your local library about programs and events
occurring to celebrate reading.