Algebra Syllabus

9/13 HW -
1.Complete 2 graphs on graph paper from task 1 and 2 today if you did not finish in class. (Most completed in class).
2. Submit mean on google classroom for each group.
3. HW assignment #1 questions 18-21

9/14 HW - 
1. Complete standard deviation worksheet. Upcoming Quiz on standard deviation will be next week on Monday or Tuesday. 

9/15 - Today we had a do now on stdev and worked on finding the standard deviation for your data from task 1 and task 2. You have a quiz on standard deviation on Monday 9/18. Bring a calculator (scientific OR graphing).

9/19 - Scientific Notation Quizzes turned back today.
Truss bridge task began.
HW - posted on google classroom. Complete on separate piece of paper and turn in tomorrow. 

9/20 - HW worksheet - fill in the table according to the equation. 

9/27 - Complete inverse variation worksheet handed out during class. Reminder.. QUIZ FRIDAY!

Linear equations quiz corrections due Thursday 10/5. 
test/quiz correction format

Reminder test Friday 10/6. 
Study topics below - Unit 1 Test topics

10/6 - No homework - enjoy your weekend. See you Tuesday. Check for test grades on RealTime, will be posted this weekend. 

10/19 - quizzizz to complete distance formula
Quiz tomorrow on Pythagorean Theorem and distance formula. 

10/23 - Happy Monday! Homework tonight - finish converse of Pythagorean Theorem worksheet - all example problems on the front and one problem on the back. Remember... Pythagorean project due this THURSDAY 10/26.

10/24 HW - Simplifying radicals Quizzizz posted on google classroom. 

10/26 - 
-Simplifying Radicals Maze
-Quiz corrections optional in proper correction format if you scored below a 75%

Unit Test Thursday 11/2!!!

Reminder... Unit test tomorrow.
Homework - study & complete simplifying radicals quizzizz 

12/14 - Complete Exponential functions packet and 3 graphs on graph paper or desmos; due MONDAY 12/18

12/18 - Complete translations packet from class today, will be checked tomorrow for completion

12/19 - Complete reflection packet from class today & Quizizz on TRANSLATIONS

12/20 - No homework tonight!

1/8/18 - UNIT TEST changed, test will be Thursday 1/11/18 and will cover all transformation topics 1. Translations, 2. Reflections, 3. Dilations, 4. Rotations