What are we learning about???

What we are learning by grade level:

First Grade:
 We have covered short vowels, digraphs, and blends. We are starting to learn about long vowel patterns like silent e.  We are working on using all our word attack strategies to read books up to a Level G and continuing to work on various comprehension skills as we read and talk about books.

Second Grade:
We are learning long vowel spelling patterns (vowel pairs/teams).  We are reading longer texts and learning how to read with fluency.  We are responding to texts in various ways through written responses and drawings.  

Third Grade:
We are learning about syllable patterns and reading and spelling longer words using these skills.  We are learning how to write short essays in response to texts.

Fourth Grade:
We are having a great time reading to our second grade buddies at library story hour (and working on our fluency skills too).  We are also starting a peer tutoring program working with some kindergarten students.

Fifth Grade:
We are working on written responses to literature and other sources, writing to various types of prompts, and reviewing various spelling patterns
.  We will be learning how to write an effective essay with a strong thesis statement.  We also spend time practicing our fluency during our weekly Library Story hours.