Mr. Waynor

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Waynor

Welcome to middle school science!

My hobbies are bird watching, hiking, playing music,  and international travel.

Earth Science Curriculum will cover:  Plate Tectonics/Volcanoes/Earthquakes
Minerals and the Rock Cycle
Erosion and Weathering
Earth's History
Climate/Renewable Energy

Life Science Curriculum will cover: Mitosis and Cell Division
The Animal Kingdom:  Worms,  Sponges, Cnardarians, Arthropods, Insects,  Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals
Introduction to the Plant Kingdom

Class Trips:  There will be a River Keepers Trip in the spring.  More details will be given at a later time.

Lab Safety:   Good Laboratory Practices must be followed at all times.    This means following instructions for proper methods and techniques for handling chemicals and various types of equipment.  Depending on the activity, goggles or gloves maybe required.  The Lab must always be kept neat and tidy.

Tests and Projects will account for TBD% of your grade.  Tests will be announced at least one week in advanced.  There may be unannounced 'pop' quizzes.

Homework:  Work must be submitted with your name to be counted.  If you are absent I will use the official school attendance to set deadlines. Home work will usually not be graded.  Late or missing work will lose credit.

Class Participation:  Includes  classroom discussion, asking questions, completing class work, doing good work during labs.

Class Participation also included BEING PREPARED for class.   This means having your note books, pencils, or whatever materials you need for that day.