5th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Sharma

About Our Class

Welcome! I know this year is a big transition from 4th grade, and I am here to help. We will focus on some important academic issues and getting students ready for middle school. We will also be working on the organization and focus skills students need to be successful. We will have 7 different units of study that focus on both fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as narrative, analytic, and research-based writing.

In 5th grade students will encounter a rigorous curriculum with a focus on problem solving and critical thinking. 

Below are a few of the main things we will be working on this year:

Major Objectives

  • Develop strategies for reading to obtain information and improve comprehension 

  • Develop an enriched vocabulary

  • Write for a variety of purposes with an emphasis on the narrative, informative and persuasive forms

  • Improve composition skills within the five domains: focus, style, content, organization and conventions

  • Strengthen skills of word structure and sentence fluency

Grade Breakdown


                                            Participation    35%

                                                    Quizzes    10%

                                                    Projects    25%
                                                Homework   10%


Research shows that the best way for students to improve their reading ability is the amount of time they spend reading. Reading well is necessary for all subjects and is crucial to future success. Students are responsible for reading a book of their choice for 20 minutes every night. Any other homework can be found on our Google Classroom site.