Game Day Protocol for Basketball

LCCS Basketball Game Day Protocol

1.     Main doors open at 4:30 on Kennedy Blvd.

2.     Anyone attending the game MUST have a

        sticker visible (received as you enter the building).

3.     Everyone MUST EXIT the building through school

        parking lot (Kensington Ave).

4.     Concession stand food is ALLOWED in gym.

        ONLY during game day and times (4:30-7).

5.     NO outside food is allowed in the gym.

6.     Mezzanine floor (balcony) ONLY for Think Tank and

        LCCS basketball team.

7.     Please ONLY use 1st floor restrooms designated.

             Girls Restroom for “girls” only (age 15 or younger)

             Boys Restroom for “boys” only (age 15 or younger)

             Adult Restroom for everyone OVER 16